November 2nd – NaNoWriMo


Today’s post is dedicated to the Jozi Wrimos – a group of writers whose daily chats, writing sprints and continual encouragement have inspired me beyond their imaginings. 

One of the hardest things about being a writer, is the self-doubt and certainty that nothing you write is ever going to be good enough.

During NaNoWriMo, this saboteur kicks in within the first 100 words, making it very difficult to continue beyond the temptation to scrap everything and restart.

Do NOT give into this temptation!

The truth is, you don’t want to scrap it because it’s bad. You want to scrap it because it’s a commitment to writing something amazing, and amazing can be frightening too. Especially if you doubt your ability to pull it off.

Know that you can do this. You are a writer. The only thing that matters for the next 30 days, is that you write. Polishing the precious that is your NaNo novel can only happen once it’s written. So use this month to mine your imagination and know that it is okay to create muddied words and grammatically flawed sentences.  They are gems, that when treated to the cutting and shining that is editing, will sparkle like the treasures they are.

I can’t wait to see what treasures you find.

Daily Prompt:

You’ve chosen a path that is often difficult, but always rewarding. Now, let your character do the same – set them on an unknown path.

Word Goal: 1667

Total Word Goal: 3334


How do you conquer your doubts and fears? What works best to get you to that daily word goal? Share your favourite line from your novel in the comments below. 


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