November 4th – NaNoWriMo

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Language is a funny thing, especially so for writers. We have a tendency to be extraordinarily critical of the use of language, both in written and oral forms. Whether this stems from a love of language, or a desire to be taken seriously as writers is beside the point.

A quick glance at the language tree gives an idea of how diverse languages are. They’re constantly changing and evolving, often to the dismay of those who have no idea what “ball so hard” actually means (I’m not sure I want to know either, so perhaps refrain from enlightening me).

That being said, English is famous for its confusing mix of words that can often be contorted or twisted out of context. Writing in English is no easy feat either – homonyms, mixed metaphors, and jumping tenses abound. What’s instinctual for some, is a hard slog for others.

Given that, there’s little doubt that being a writer requires an appreciation of language that few other skill-sets possess. Which brings me to the daily prompt!

Daily Prompt:

Answer this question in your next sprint:

Which witch wears their worn robes, whether or not the weather is hot?


Use the word galimatias in a sentence.

Extra challenge: Complete both challenges in a single sprint.

Word Goal: 1667

Total Word Goal: 6667


Which words often confuse you? Do you find yourself reaching for your dictionary when you get stuck? Does anyone even own a dictionary anymore?!


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