Chasing Dreams One at a Time

Chasing Dreams Publishing wants to put writing back in the hands of writers. With the advent of self-publishing, a lot of writers have put writing on the back-burner in order to get their books ready for publishing. They’re trying to fill the position of writer, beta-reader, editor, cover-designer, and publisher all in one, and losing time in the process.

The reason for this is simple – traditional publishing and professional services cost more than the average first-time author can afford to pay. Additionally, in the case of traditional publishing, authors are required to sign exclusive contracts with publishers who don’t always play fair.

This site is a temporary setup for the purpose of blogging content that is relevant to writers now, rather than waiting until my website is fully functional. I don’t like waiting without good reason, and even though I would love to have everything perfect the first time round, I’d rather make sure you have access to information in the meantime.

The website is live (with a few glitches), and can be found at


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