Chasing Dreams One at a Time

18/11/2017: An Update

After a rather intense year, and a lot of thought about what I really want to accomplish with Chasing Dreams Publishing, I have come to a few realisations:

  • Writing is my passion. Whether it’s flash fiction, novels, or non-fiction writing and editing advice, I love turning ideas into words others can appreciate.
  • Editing makes me happy. I love being able to help authors show the best of themselves through their writing.
  • Marketing is fun. I get such a thrill out of creating new and exciting ways to market books and their authors.
  • Publishing a book that is beautiful in every sense is a huge accomplishment and I want to do more of it.

At the moment, Chasing Dreams is just one person (me), and there is a lot of time and energy that goes into each of the above aspects. My long term goal for Chasing Dreams Publishing is to make it my full time career – a publishing company that takes pride in helping authors from the very beginning of writing their stories, all the way through to final publication and beyond.

When I started the business, it was with the idea that it would act as a sort of intermediary between a vanity press and traditional publishing – with authors paying what they could individually afford for professional services, and the balance being worked out in a percentage split of the royalties from sales of the final book. It was quite clear in my mind that I wasn’t in this for the money. Authors would retain full copyright of their work, and each contract would be worked out with the best interests of both parties in mind.

This is still the dream, and if you want to support it (and me) by using Chasing Dreams Publishing’s services, please send an email to chasingdreamspublishing(at)gmail(dot)com for more info and a comprehensive list of services.

Alternatively, if you are someone involved in some aspect of book creation, whether it be editing, beta-reading, cover design, marketing or the myriad other services authors require, I’m always looking to support and work with others in the industry. Pop me an email and I’ll send you a form to complete so I can add you to my database of service providers.

I should mention that this site is acting as a temporary base of operations for me, while my website undergoes some radical transformations. I’m excited about that, so stay tuned!


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